When former Ning CEO and co-founder Gina Bianchini launched social network Mightybell in September, she had a vision for users to “take new social technologies and turn them into compelling experiences for people in the real world.”

Mightybell launched as an app that allowed users to work to achieve goals by giving them the chance to take real-world actions with the encouragement of friends.

Now, after extensive feedback from users and an internal push forward, the social network is shifting focus to roll out a new platform for groups. The groups pages give users the opportunity to congregate around a specific focus, like a book club, and share related files, photos, and videos.

“Our users told us they really wanted to pull people together in an unstructured, creative way,” Bianchini said, noting that a Mightybell group could take the place of an email chain among friends discussing a common topic. Mightybell users…

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