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Longreads Joins the Automattic Family

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

Today we’re excited to announce that we are acquiring Longreads , the pioneering service that helps readers find and share the best longform storytelling around the world, for reading on mobile devices.

Over the last five years, Longreads and its community have created a new ecosystem for readers to find great in-depth stories, and for writers and publishers to distribute their best work over 1,500 words. Longreads will continue to do what it does best — recommending stories from across the Internet — and we are excited to have them join the WordPress.com team and continue in their commitment to serving readers.

Mobile reading and the appetite for longform content

As consumption has moved to mobile devices, there has been a growing hunger for longform content: phones and tablets are perfect for enjoying in-depth articles, and there are more moments than ever for readers to dig into a story —…

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Announcing New Embed Support for Getty Images

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

Earlier today, Getty Images announced a new embed feature that will allow people to access and share photos from its extensive library of images for non-commercial purposes. We have been working with Getty Images over the past few weeks and are excited to bring this feature to WordPress.com!

Embedding images at the speed of a shutter

Imagery is a powerful way to communicate your ideas. Whether you want to profile a famous personality or share your passion for soccer, you can now do so with Getty Images’ photography. With this new embed feature, WordPress.com users can access one of the world’s largest digital archives in a simple and — just as important — legal way.

To embed an image, you can grab the embed code directly from the Getty Images website. Just hover over the image, and click on the embed icon “</>”:

Getty Embed SS

Next, copy the embed code into…

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Planet Automattic: February 2014

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll find people working on WordPress.com: Developers deploying lines of code. Designers tinkering with themes. Engineers working one-on-one with users to help make their websites just so. (Want to join in? We’re hiring .)

One cool thing about Automatticians? We care about WordPress.com so much that we’re always thinking about ways to make it better, online and off. Here’s a glimpse at the 230 Automatticians around the globe — and things we’re working on and thinking about right now.

We blog about WordPress (naturally!)

At Automattic, we’re constantly communicating, breaking and fixing, and iterating and improving. Communication tools like the P2 theme, Skype, and IRC channels allow ideas and conversations to flow at all times, while our own blogs are spaces to reflect on and share the things we’ve learned.

In Moscow, Code Wrangler Konstantin Kovshenin works on the Dot…

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Google vs. Death

Peter Slutsky:

This is one of the most exciting articles I have ever read…

Originally posted on Tech:

In person, it can be a little hard to hear Larry Page. That’s because he has nerve damage in both vocal cords: one was paralyzed about 14 years ago, the other left with limited movement after a cold last summer. This rare condition doesn’t slow him down, though it has made his voice raspy and faint. You have to listen carefully. But it’s generally worth it.

Page, 40, is the co-founder and CEO of one of the most successful, ubiquitous and increasingly strange companies on the planet. Google is, of course, in the search business, and more important for its profitability, it is in the online-advertising business. But it’s also in the mobile-operating-system business, the Web-browser business, the free-e-mail business, the driverless-car business, the wearable-computing business, the online-map business, the renewable-energy business and the business of providing Internet access to remote areas via high-altitude balloons, among countless others. Google’s corporate…

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Not Just a WordPress User, Now Also an Advisor to Automattic

Originally posted on Hunter Walk:

I first met Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic/WordPress, over a bowl of chili in Wyoming last decade. I don’t recall when I first met Raanan Bar-Cohen, SVP of business things at Automattic, but I do know we were already friends before traveling to Baghdad together in 2009, sharing an amazing week in Iraq. Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic – well him I barely know but we’ve had nice conversations over the years and he is an exceptional gentleman. Unless that’s the way all Swiss appear at first.

Matt, Raanan and Toni, along with several hundred team members across the world, have created a company I admire, anchored by a platform I use for this blog: WordPress. I’m amazed that 19% of the web runs on WordPress - it’s quite an accomplishment – but I’m in even more admiration of the organization and culture at Automattic. A fully…

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Syria Poll: Are you in favor of the Obama Administration’s plan for military action in Syria?

Over the past 24-hours, Secretaries  Kerry and Hagel, along with Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey have all testified in front of both houses of Congress making the Obama Administration’s case for a military strike on Syria in response to the Assad regimes apparent use of chemical weapons.

Where do you come down on this military action? Knowing what you know based on media reports, along with the testimonies that we were all subject to on Capitol Hill, how would YOU vote on use of force against Syria?

Please vote and share this poll with your friends, family, colleagues and with your social networks. Please leave comments as well, I would love to hear what you’re thinking.